Jade Plant (Crassula argentea/ Crassula ovata)

Other common Names
Care level
Keep dry
Cool - Average - Warm
Propagation Method
  Stem cuttings, leaf cuttings
Common Problems
  Root rot, mealybugs, scale
Decoration Tips   Best suited as a windowsill or tabletop plant
Common Varities:   Crassula aborescens

User asked on June 2005:
My jade is dying, why? I transplanted it when I brought it home, one pot seems to be doing fine the other is all soft and mushy. Have had jade plants in theast with no peoblems.

We replied:
Were both of your jades transplanted under the same conditions (for example, are they both the same size, and were they transplanted into the same size pots)? Also, are they being treated to the same conditions?

Jades do like to be kept on the dry side, and can develop rot if they are kept too wet (either from getting too much water or being in a pot that's too large). I am wondering, could the pot that it was transplanted to be too big for it?

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