Asparagus Fern (Asparagus setaceus/ Asparagus plumosus)
Other common Names
Plumosa fern, Emerald fern, Emerald feather
Care level
Allow to dry out between waterings
Propagation Method
  By division or seeds
Common Problems
  Spider mites
Decoration Tips   Can be used in hanging basket or as tabletop plant (note: to keep plant looking its best, be sure to trim off dead fronds)
Common Varities:   Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’

Charles asked on June 2005:
Is there anything I can do about the plants as far as when its stems/leaves grow to big for a certain housing? I am interested in trimming if down a little can this be done?

We replied:
If your plant has gotten too large, one thing that can be done is to divide the plant. For this, basically you would unpot the plant and then divide it into smaller sections, keeping the roots of each section as intact as possible. This would also enable you to propagate your plant into more plants for yourself or others.

If it is a specific frond that has grown too big, you could trim it off at the base as well.

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