Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus radicans)
Other common Names
Medium - High
Care level
Keep soil moist, but well-drained
High (mist often and/or place on pebble tray)
Average - Warm
Propagation Method
  Stem cuttings
Common Problems
  Mealybugs and aphids
Decoration Tips   Can be used as a hanging plant, or else on a tabletop or windowsill
Common Varities:   N/A

C asked on June 2005:
I have a fairly mature Lipstick plant that I just moved in to a new house. It's hanging due to the long stems. It used to be beautiful and green and even flowered (before the move, first time in 6 yrs). Now, however the leaves are turning pale and it's looking ill. It's in a window that gets lots of light but no or very little direct sun light. It didn't get any direct sunlight before the move. Have I ruined this plant? Is there anything I can do to bring it back?

We replied:
Has your lipstick plant been fertilized recently? I am thinking maybe the pale leaves could be signs of nutrient deficiency.

Also, how long has your plant been looking sick? If it just started when you moved into your new house, it could be that the plant is still in the process of adjusting to its new environment.

I would say you might want to fertilize it if it hasn't been fertilized in a long time. You might also want to check for other things such as pests, or the plant being severly rootbound.

But in any case, don't worry. Your plant is not ruined, and I am sure that we can bring it back.

posted by viewer on October 27, 2004
Is this plant toxic to cats?

According to the cat health websites that I researched, the lipstick plant is not toxic to cats. (Answered by Adrienne Kleintop, Editor)

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