Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
Other common Names
Devil’s ivy, Golden hunter’s robe, Ceylon creeper
Medium (note: will grow in low light, but bright, filtered light needed for optimum leaf variation)
Care level
Allow soil to dry before watering
Average - Warm
Propagation Method
  Stem cuttings
Common Problems
  usually problem free - rarely scale and mealybug
Decoration Tips   Stems can be pruned above node for a bushy appearance. However, pothos is most striking when allowed to grow. Long vines look attractive in hanging baskets or trailing over the edge of a table. Pothos can also be trained to frame a window or other structure.
Common Varities:   Marble Queen Pothos, Golden Pothos, Neon Pothos

Vivien asked on June 2005:
Some of my Devil's Ivy plant has gone wilted. What is the possible problem that causes it. Pls assist. Thank you.

We replied:
In most cases, wilting is usually caused by the plant not getting enough water. This can be caused by one of two things a.) Either the plant dried out too much and did not get enough water or b.) The plant cannot take up water through its roots because they are rotting (usually caused by overwatering).

I know it is confusing that two different things like under and overwatering can cause the same symptoms. My guess would be that the plant may not be getting enough water. I would say check the soil and see if it feels really dry. Even if the plant is being watered frequently enough, lack of water could also be caused by things like the plant being too rootbound, or if the water is running down the sides of the pot rather than sinking into the soil.

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