Spring Houseplant Care

Spring is a time of growth for houseplants. Plants will be overcoming their winter rest, and will begin to grow faster with the increased light. Spring (especially late spring) is a great time to catch up on needed plant maintenance, such as repotting, fertilization, and propagation. Below are some tips on spring houseplant care.

  • Houseplants will begin to show increased growth during the spring. Fertilizer can begin to be applied more frequently. However, be sure to slowly increase the frequency and dosage of fertilizer during the springtime.
  • Re-potting is best done during the springtime, so that plants will have the opportunity to grow into their new pots.
  • Houseplants may need to be watered more frequently as they may dry out faster due to increased light intensity and duration.
  • Spring is also a great time to take cuttings, and try to propagate some of your favorite houseplants.
  • Most houseplants will benefit from being moved outdoors during the summertime. They should be placed in a semi-shady place where they will be protected from the elements. Plants can be moved outdoors in late spring (Depending on climate), when nighttime temperatures reach 60°F.
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